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Rooted in tradition, commitment, quality and trust for over 100 years.

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    United to preserve, protect and promote the art of fine printing in the modern era, Echelon, was formed by the merger of BurdgeCooper, Complete Graphics, and The Ligature. Together, these brands form the world’s largest engraving company and one of the world’s largest small-format commercial printers with over 100 years of experience.

    Owned by Taylor Corporation, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States and totaling over 120+ locations, we have the abilities and fuel for your future endeavors.

    In 1923 Mr. Charles Leroy Burdge established the Burdge Engraving Company while Mr. Stuart Cooper established his Stuart F. Cooper Company in 1929 from the printing equipment of Milton G. Cooper & Son. The two names set the standard for graphic arts excellence and, merged into BurdgeCooper On July 1, 2010.

    Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2014

    In 1918 Gravure Engraving Company was founded by Eddy Elert in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1990, Gravure Engraving Company merged with another engraving company, Complete Graphics.

    Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2013

    In 1920 Apex Engraving was founded in Los Angeles, then in 1976 Donald Pennell bought Apex and re-named it The Ligature.

    Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2011

    Three loved brands merged to become one.

    Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2017

    Armed for the Masses

    We believe in the philosophy that no relationship is the same. Whether you’re a large organization, government agency, freelance designer or small private business owner your fine print needs are unique to you.

    To help you thrive, our affiliation with Taylor Corporation and strategic partnerships with top paper mill suppliers gives us the capacity, reach and experience to capture and exceed the refined details of your program.

    Together let’s collaborate, innovate, and create print of exceptional quality.

    • Creative/Design Community
    • Financial Industry
    • Fortune 500
    • Government Agencies (Federal, State and Local)
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Law Firms
    • Packaging
    • Professional Service Firms
    • Self-Publishers
    • Wineries and Distilleries

    Fighting the Good Fight

    We’re committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and we help you do the same. By continually looking for new ways to reduce waste, save energy and partner with green conscious suppliers we are nurturing a clean sustainable environment for future generations.

    Helping You Stay Green

    • Reducing the risk of obsolete inventory by printing on demand
    • Online ordering system, BrandLink™ reduces paper order forms
    • Use of environmentally friendly equipment results in a 90% reduction in startup waste
    • Shipping boxes are made from recycled paper
    • Environmentally friendly equipment that has been produced responsibly from start to finish

    Our comprehensive approach to respecting the environment and being good stewards means looking at all aspects of our business. From the paper, packaging and inks we use to the responsibility each employee takes in our fine print products, we do our part to be green throughout the U.S. When our environment is happy, we are happy.

    Echelon Fine Printing is dedicated to making our customer’s life easier by offering papers that are made with recycled content, inducing post-consumer fiber. Our conscious efforts in supporting a more sustainable environment have resulted in the savings of hundreds of tons of recyclable paper, aluminum and plastic each year.

    Our Environmental-friendly activities include:

    • 100% of production scraps are either fully recycled or go to a state-of-the art trash to energy facility.
    • Utilization of technology to reduce internal office paper usage, including ink and toner cartridge recycling.
    • All packaging materials are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable.
    • We print with soy and water based inks, not petroleum based inks.
    • All papers are purchased from reputable domestic sources who support sustainability.