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Forging the path to stress-free ordering with program integration, real time proofs and global support.

Online Ordering Solution - BrandLink™

Echelon’s online ordering site BrandLink™ is simple, quick and reliable. Ideal for Fortune 1000 companies or organizations with 1000+ business card carrying employees, BrandLink was built with our clients in mind. To help you achieve the highest level of service and quality Echelon continues to evolve BrandLink based on your feedback.

Built for the many, tailored for the few.

BrandLink has the ability to add customized features so you can achieve the highest level of efficiency and brand consistency.

In Four Clicks

Achieve legal compliance. Reduce errors with real time proofs. Allows management of program notifications. Easily reference order history. Access global support for international tracking updates. Use anywhere on tablets, iPads and mobile. Integrated security measures. Customized to your ordering requirements.

Working Together

BrandLink™ can be independent orintegrated into B2B software programs like:

Ordering Made Simple

Individual companies can allow for different prompts on the login page to capture information such as Store or Division numbers.

Provides quick links, new product alters and customized html.

Quick Access Menu
Skip directly to any product or category and view a compact preview of an item.

Product Selection
Products can be viewed as thumbnails or as a list.

Your company can request additional information to be captured in this window such as cost center.

Personalization & Proof
Real-time view of product as you fill in fields so you can easily proof on the go.

One Page Checkout
Our surveys confirm that users prefer one large page to multiple page checkouts.

Our customized sites are ready with language translators, currency solutions, and multiple locations for faster shipping.


  • Administrative Controls
  • Brand Compliant Designs
  • Currency Solutions
  • Detailed Order History
  • Easy Checkout
  • Email Confirmation
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • International Shipping
  • Language Translators
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Native Language Proofs
  • Order Status
  • Password Protection
  • PDF Proof Options
  • Personalization Prompts
  • Real Time Proofs
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Search Capability
  • Secure Access
  • Shopping Cart